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META Group and Zernike Group joint-venture

ZernikeMeta Ventures (ZMV), holding company specializing in finance for innovation and new businesses creation, is an Italian-Dutch joint venture between Zernike Group and META Group both having decades of experience in early stage finance.

Since 1987, Zernike and META have managed more than 200 million euro for the seed and start-up financing, investing between 200,000 and 1,000,000 euro in more than 250 companies and getting returns higher than the European sector average with 180 exits. ZMV manages, in Italy and abroad, seed funds and start-up capital addressing entrepreneurs with global ambitions and local roots.

ZMV consists of a team of professionals who provide investee companies with an extensive network of contacts, advice for the procurement of any additional financial resources, the identification of managerial and professional expertise, and support service for accelerating the commercialization of products through the available global network in United Kingdom, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, USA and Argentina.